May 6, 2024

NZS 8165 Rooms/Office-Based Surgery and Procedures Standard Certification

In August 2023, Fendalton Eye Clinic (very proudly) achieved certification to the NZS 8165 Rooms/Office-Based Surgery and Procedures Standard. This Standard is the result of collaboration between service users, providers, Accident Compensation Corporation, The Ministry of Health and Standards New Zealand to establish safe and good practice.

To date, Fendalton Eye Clinic is only one of a handful of ophthalmology centres in New Zealand and the only ophthalmology centre in Canterbury to have achieved this New Zealand Standard. Achieving this standard reflects the dedicated and hard work of the team at Fendalton Eye Clinic and their commitment in delivering the highest standard of patient care.

So what does that mean for our patients? Basically, certification is an excellent framework for maintaining good practice in business and clinical management and helps to establish a risk management system. To maintain this standard, Fendalton Eye Clinic undergoes ongoing surveillance which requires commitment from our team to continually review policies and procedures that meet current best practice to ensure we deliver the safest and highest quality patient care.

Achieving this certification involved a lot of hard work from our staff. However, we believe certification not only benefits our patients but also our team in knowing that we are doing everything possible to give our patients the best possible outcome in order to achieve our mission:

“We deliver the highest quality vision correction and patient care with safety through experience and technology.”

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