KAMRA™ Reading Vision

Your struggle with near vision loss doesn't have to be.

KAMRA™ Reading Vision

Natural Vision for Everyday Living™

Whether you have enjoyed "perfect" vision until now or you have worn glasses for years due to myopia or farsightedness, the KAMRA™ reading inlay may be able to help.

When your near vision deteriorated, your everyday routine changed dramatically. Simple activities like reading the care instructions for your clothes, checking the time on your watch, viewing the control panels in your vehicle or being able to tell the difference between shampoo and conditioner became frustrating tasks. Suddenly, you found yourself dependent on reading glasses. And, the glasses are never close by.

If you want visual freedom and less dependency on reading glasses, it’s time to discover how the KAMRA™ reading inlay can restore your everyday near vision ie reading texts, prices in a supermarket, while maintaining your walk-around vision.

Change is constant. Your struggle with near vision loss doesn't have to be. The innovative KAMRA™ reading inlay can reduce your dependency on reading glasses while maintaining your distance vision. Live with the visual ease, convenience and clarity your active lifestyle demands. Because life has so much more to offer than the constant search for reading glasses.