Raindrop® Near Vision Corneal Inlay

Your struggle with near vision loss doesn't have to be.

Kathryn Martin
Office Manager

Raindrop® Near Vision Corneal Inlay

The Raindrop® Near Vision inlay is a treatment designed to treat presbyopia to reduce dependency on reading glasses and have the freedom to regain daily activities.

Presbyopia is the most common reason for needing glasses only for reading at age 45 and over. It is caused by the hardening of your eye’s natural crystalline lens, preventing it from focusing on objects up close. This usually results in a need for reading glasses, contact lenses or other corrective procedures to help see up close.

What is the Raindrop® Near Vision corneal inlay and how does it work?

The Raindrop® Near Vision corneal inlay is 2mm in diameter and made of nearly 80% water. It is less than half the thickness of a human hair and about the size of a pinhead.

The Raindrop® Near Vision corneal inlay is placed within the cornea under a LASIK-style flap in the non-dominant eye so that your dominant (preferred sighting) eye is used for sharp, clear distance vision. The inlay works by re-shaping the surface of the eye to improve reading vision.

To find out if the Raindrop® Near Vision inlay can help restore your vision by reducing your dependency on reading glasses, book a free laser eye assessment with a member of our technical team.