Keraring implants

In cases where patients are no longer able to get good visual outcomes from glasses or contact lenses the option Kerarings implants may be considered.

The Keraring procedure has the goal of improving visual acuity by

  • flattening the bulge of the cornea
  • making the corneal surface more regular to improve quality of vision
  • reduction of myopia and astigmatism
  • Improving the tolerance and comfort of contact lens wear

Keraring implants Procedure

Is a quick and painless. Anaesthetic eye drops are used to numb the eye. A laser is used to create the precise diameter and depth for the channel to insert the Keraring. A tiny 1.1mm incision is all that is created on the surface of the eye. Once the Keraring is inserted a clear soft contact lens is place on the eye to act “like a bandage” for the tiny incision to heal overnight. The entire procedure usually takes 10-15 minutes per eye. The bandage contact lens is removed the following morning and you can resume most normal duties.
The Keraring will not stop the progression of keratoconus. The majority of patients who have Keraring treatment will still require to have CXL to ensure the corneal shape is preserved form any further change.