February 2, 2016

Why Choose Fendalton Eye Clinic for your laser eye surgery?

Dr. David Kent was the first to bring laser vision correction to Christchurch and the South Island, establishing Fendalton Eye Clinic in 1996. Leading the way in corrective laser eye surgery in 2015 with HD LASIK™, for your benefit and safety we now have the latest laser in the South Island the most advanced Schwind Amaris 1050RS excimer laser. Considered the connoisseurs laser, exclusively in New Zealand at Fendalton Eye Clinic.

Your precious eyes deserve the best laser eye surgery

Experience & expertise of eye specialist Dr David Kent. Dr Kent has performed more eye LASIK procedures than any other New Zealand eye surgeon. For further information on Dr Kent.
Fendalton Eye Clinic was the first laser eye surgery centre in the South Island.

“All laser” LASIK

Fendalton Eye Clinic was the first laser eye surgery centre in the South Island to commission a femtosecond laser to create the eye LASIK flap. Due to the enhanced safety of “all laser” LASIK over microkeratome LASIK, “all laser” LASIK is the only form of LASIK that the US Air Force and NASA will allow their fighter pilots and astronauts to have.

The first laser eye surgery procedures in Christchurch and the South Island

Dr Kent was the first ophthalmologist to perform laser eye surgery in the South Island. The first PRK eye surgery and the first LASIK eye surgery in the South Island.

Excellence in patient care

Fendalton Eye Clinic has the ONLY purpose built laser eye surgery theatre, in the South Island with HEPA filtration of the air and optimal temperature & humidity control for enhanced accuracy of results.
Our free laser eye surgery assessments at are conducted by professional people. All of the technical staff at Fendalton Eye Clinic who conduct our free laser eye surgery assessments have teritary qualifications in eye care health, to provide you with professional advice about the treatment options that will best suit your needs. Free assessments for laser eye surgery are available in Christchurch and centres throughout the South Island.
The surgical fee includes follow up after care in New Zealand for a six months after your treatment. Follow up appointments can be at Fendalton Eye Clinic or throughout New Zealand with an optometrist of your choice.

Vision correction for long sightedness, short sightedness, astigmatism and now near reading vision.

Only centre in the South Island offering KAMRA reading vision, a solution to the frustrations of reading glasses when you are in your mid to late 40’s. For more information go to KAMRA reading vision.

Latest excimer eye laser in the South Island

The Schwind Amaris excimer eye laser is available in New Zealand, exclusively at Fendalton Eye Clinic. The connoisseurs excimer laser, the only excimer eye laser on the market to provide eye tracking in seven dimensions for added precision. Especially important in the correction of astigmatism, so that your eye is accurately tracked during treatment to deliver laser pulses exactly where they are intended.